What Happens at the Sleep Festival

A lot of hype and attention has come onto the sleep festival.  Why would anyone ever bother going to a sleep festival?  How long is it?  Where is it, blah blah blah.  These are all valid questions.  I’m going to go through here what you can expect to see at the world’s greatest sleep festival.  It should contrast with National Sleep Day in many different ways.

There’s going to be sleep competitions.  Yep, just like the siesta competition in Spain.  I actually made my fortune winning sleep competitions across the world.  I actually won $1,000,000 once at a competition by default because I was the only entrant.  This competition is going to be different.  We are going to hold multiple contests.  We have a more dangerous one where we see how long people can go without sleep, like they’re sleeping in the best European hotels.  Then we have the opposite competition where we see how long people can sleep without waking up.  Either way, these competitions are going to be epic and you won’t want to miss them.

We are going to have a mattress showcase where all the best mattress companies in the world will be showing off their products.  Finally, people will get to talk to the experts and compare the best mattresses in the world.   The reps there are not allowed to buy and sell mattresses, so you know you won’t be getting swindled and you can just rely on getting good quality information.

We are also holding a bazaar like format where you can buy a number of amazing sleep accessories.  We have white noise machines that have been specifically crafter in Instanbul just for this showcase.  They are arguably the best machines ever created in the world.  You won’t have an opportunity like this to buy your way into the best sleep ever.

The festival is going to be amazing.  If you miss out on this, you might go into depression, because I know that you know how good it is going to be.  I hope to see you there!

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