Hypnotize yourself to sleep

hypnotism and sleep

We may harp on the standard things you hear about regarding sleep, like a quality mattress, a dark environment, and good nutrition. But we do not have our minds closed to alternative methods. On the contrary, we’ve been examining plenty of unconventional tactics, such as certain herbs that can lead to an improved sleep cycle. Today we are going to talk about something even more questionable, hypnotism and its affect on sleep.

hypnotism and sleep

The more time we spend with these alternative methods, the more we like them. Hypnotism has a powerful affect on the mind for many people, and the mind is the number one thing that can impact sleep. If a mind is free of stress, not thinking about many other things, then it will be much easier for a person to sleep well. Numerous studies recently have expanded our understanding of the link further.

We wouldn’t be bringing hypnotism and sleep to your mind if we had not heard hundreds of testimonies to its success, the first one coming from our favorite sleep and mattress resource, Slumber Sage. People really have tested out hypnotism, because its link to sleep is so intuitive.

The best way to know if this will be an effective method for you is not to read about it, but rather to try it. So lay down into your nice comfortable mattress and watch this video:

And tell us what you think. We’re always looking to expand our understanding of sleep, and hypnotism is one of the more interesting areas.

Great Things To Know About The Best Luxury Sleep Products

After a hard days work and tasks the body requires to rest to regain energy. Sleep is a fundamental requirement for a happy healthy living. Not only does it offer rest but research has shown that proper sleep enables the mind to function properly. Sleep also promotes the key functions of the vital body organs such as the heart the liver and the kidneys. In this hectic and busy age a good night sleep is something that has become elusive, and that is where luxury sleep products come in.

A luxury sleep product does not guarantee sleep, but brings about a conducive environment that is comfortable for sleeping. Researchers have therefore invested heavily in the luxury sleep products business to try and come up with the most comfortable sleep products. Because sleep is a need and not a luxury these products are also very important. A good sleep will result to good mental and physical heath. Poor sleep has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and a compromised immune system. The chillow is a luxury pad that is placed on top of the normal pillow. It causes a drop in temperature. This in return makes the brain to secrete chemicals that enhances better sleep.

Sleep disturbances can be minimized by the use a lumie body clock active. It is an alarm clock that wakes you up routinely by producing a soft light. This triggers your body to stop producing sleep hormones. With this you wake up fresh and relaxed. Waking up does not always has to be a hard task. Air beds are designed with anti microbial materials that are rotatable for comfort. The air pressure can be adjusted to your comfort. By just a click of the air control button you may adjust your bed to firm or soft depending on your preference.

Pillows are manufactured using a top cover material that is very comfortable to feel such as luxurious cashmere. These materials are also made hypoallergenic for enhanced health benefits. These are also removable and refreshable pillow tops. This means that they are therefore, convenient to use and maintain. Other luxury sleep products include soft side fluid beds, natural latex beds, waterbeds and gel mattresses. Others are the hydro dynamic hard side water bed that is eco friendly with reinforced corners. This makes them comfortable to sit on. Luxury sleep mask helps you to block unwanted light. They are made from comfortable materials that minimize pressure on the eyes during sleep.

Luxury sleep products, not only serve as sleep accessories but also basic functions while still being elegant and fashionable. It is therefore important that you get the best product for a good sleep. These products are costly and proper planning is needed so as to buy a comfortable stylish and convenient luxury sleep product.

Luxury Sleep and How to Enjoy It Completely And Fully

Most people think of a good nights sleep as a great pleasure. That is because for some of us it is an elusive dream that never seems to ever come true. There are many reasons for an inadequate night of rest and many of them are disheartening to behold. Some have trouble falling asleep, others have trouble staying asleep, and some simply wake up sore and feeling unwell. Finding a way to not only rest well but to enjoy a luxury sleep can be achieved.

Most people don’t even realize that luxury sleep can be realized unless they have experienced it for themselves. A night such as that would require a recipe of several things that encompass your perfect dream. When having a rest such as this, one needs the ideal mattress to be sure. An ideal mattress for the body can make it easy to fall asleep and stay asleep in peaceful bliss.

There are many different mattresses that can be perfect for a person. Some like a harder, firmer mattress that doesn’t have much give. This may be due to the back or simply the way a person feels as they lie down. Others like softer mattresses or temperature sensitive ones. A popular choice for many to have their ideal sleeping environment is a latex foam mattress or a memory foam mattress since they conform to the individuals body and sleeping position.

The softest sheets possible will be important to get the elusive wonderful nights sleep in luxurious bliss. Some may choose Egyptian cotton sheets and others love the feel of plain cotton sheets. They are both soft but it is up to the individuals tastes to determine which is better. Having soft sheets to cuddle against in the warmth of night is a great way to lull into dreamland.

Pillows are certainly a part of the luxury sleep experience. Some prefer soft, fluffy pillows that are pliable. Others enjoy a harder pillow that supports the neck and shoulders well. Depending on the preferences, either of these could work for an individual to experience the seemingly elusive wonderful night of rest that ends in waking well-rested and pleased.

The comforter is perhaps one of the most important parts of the recipe for a luxury sleep. There are big, soft, and full comforters that encompass the entire bed and wrap the body as though it were protecting the beds occupants in a warm hug. Others like thinner comforters for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the nights are hot and there is no need for a larger one or it may disrupt the comfort of the rest. Some simply like the materials of a thinner comforter and choose them. Indeed, enjoying the ideal nights rest boils down to choosing the perfect bed and accoutrements to that individuals tastes.

sweet dreams pillow

When I Went to the Sleep Festival and My Awesome Adventure

There was this wonderful place that I went to that I can never forget. In fact, I still dream about it to this day. It was when I went to the sleep festival and had the most amazing nights rest and met the most interesting people. Even now, it seems as though it were all a dream because it was so amazing to experience.

I went into a luxurious bedroom that was filled with every imaginable thing of beauty. There were wall to floor paintings from some of the most renowned artists in history. A large vanity was across the room against the wall and was made from the finest wood and engraved with the most beautiful artistic renderings. There was even a huge canopy bed in the center, complete with a gorgeous down comforter and the fluffiest pillows that I could have imagined.

I giggled and jumped on the bed with glee. It was as though the worlds most beautiful bedroom had made its way right into my world. It was hard to believe that the sleep festival was as awesome as I could have ever pictured it in my imagination. Lying on the mattress and staring at the paintings of clouds on the ceiling was like pure bliss. The comfort of the mattress was amazing and it felt as though I were on a pile of feathers.

Don’t forget the bedroom butler
There was a wonderful butler there at my beck and call. He brought me teas and biscuits at my leisure as I laid on the most beautiful bed in history. I ate them and talked to the butler as I tried to contain my excitement over this amazing bedroom. Finally, I fell deep asleep atop this dreamy bed and wrapped myself up in the soft down comforter and went off into dreamland bliss. When I woke up, I exhaled in wonder at this magnificent experience.

Ways to make sure you sleep at our festival

We teach you how to sleep at our festival, but sometimes it’s very difficult to actually do it! There are way to many fun things going on, and people unfortunately come home from our festival more tired than when they left for it. Some might call us hypocrites, since we are a festival about the importance of sleep where nobody sleeps! However we sincerely hope that you return from the weekend well rested. Here are some of our tips for getting sleep at the actual festival.

Go to bed at the same time each night
There are plenty of fantastic people at the festival to hang out with late into the night. There might even be some amazing sleep parties that interest you. But know that all of these fantastic people are going to still be at the festival in the morning. We shut down the activities at the same time each night to provide you consistency and give you the opportunity to get a great night of sleep. So please, take advantage.

Get a great inflatable mattress
An inflatable mattress, or an airbed, can really impact your sleep. Don’t just show up with a sleeping bag and put it on the ground. Sure, you’re young, this can work, but it’s going to cut into the quality of your sleep. See what you can do to bring a mattress that suits your needs even though you’re away from your primary sleep space.

Nutrition is king
How you eat is closely linked to how well you sleep. At the festival we provide many healthy options that will put you to bed without issue, so make sure to take advantage and eat healthy. We have a whole post on nutrition and sleep, so check this out at some point before arrival.

That’s about all the advice you’ll need before spending the weekend with us, plenty more to learn during the weekend. We’ll see you soon!

Some videos from our inspiration

Some local mattress companies have truly inspired a lot of our work. They are instrumental at spreading word at the local level, trying to get sleep out to the masses. Here we shout out to some of our favorite mattress companies and their work.

The Sealy Mattress

Tempurpedic Mattress

Gary’s Mattresses

Syracuse Mattress Company

Check these mattress gurus out, they know their stuff, and further the sleep cause.

A mattress for charity

Naturally a very important part of the sleep festival is giving back more than we take.  Being the biggest sleep festival in the United States gives us the responsibility of using our power to really benefit those in need.

There are plenty of people in need out there, and we can’t provide them everything; but if we can provide them a better night’s sleep, we will be happy for the time being.  Sleep is a huge part of everyone’s life.  If you want to go to work, succeed at your job or school, then you need to sleep well.  That’s why for every ticket that is purchased to the sleep festival, we will be donating a mattress to charity.

These mattresses will be used to help people in need. They’re going to the people that need them most, primarily in the Southern states.

We couldn’t have done this without generous donations from a number of mattress manufacturers. Efforts were lead by Slumber Sage, the leading mattress review website on the web.

Nutritional value leading to sleep

A big part of the festival is the foods that come and join us.  Many foods can help you sleep better, especially if you’re paying close attention to the nutritional value and what your body needs.  Though many people think of quality foods and quality sleep as a rich man’s game, just like buying an overpriced adjustable bed, we at the festival believe the opposite is true.  That a great diet leading to deep REMs is achievable by all, no matter their food budget.


The festival understands that bringing in culinary masters that have mastered very different crafts is an important point.  After all, food diversity is a bedrock value of the advisory board.  We welcome chefs from around the world with very different interests to present their food and its potential impact on our visitors.


How food is cooked is also a big focus, and we happen to see a lot of patterns across different food types.  This analysis is a big part of the festival, helping us really understand the cross-functional benefits of a lot of the preparation methods found.  This stuff isn’t like mattresses and sleep, it’s not a matter of preference.  Rather there are very scientific ways to help us identify what exactly is going to impact our night’s sleep and what we can do to improve it quickly.

Music and Sleep

A big part of The Festival is the music that puts you to sleep.  Music is big at any festival, but usually it serves to rev people up.  Music is something that touches a soul very easily, so we love to show people that it can touch them in other ways than getting them all hot and bothered.


Sleep and music also goes hand in hand with sleep meditation, a practice that we truly value during the festival.  The music allows us to explore our selves and our souls, to travel in our sleep.  Music helps bring us together and look at sleep as something that replenishes, but rather something that is on its own.  People barter with sleep, view sleeping as commerce.  But really it’s something else entirely.


Though showing the beauty of music and how it relates to sleep is a priority, many people have difficulty putting the two together.  Other programs, like nutrition and sleep, are much more intuitive for people.  Many other websites will help you understand this research as well.

Sleep Tips from The Festival

We would be remiss if we didn’t provide our followers some general sleep tips.  We have a lot of experience in this area, so we wanted to provide everyone some guidance on how to sleep better.  Check out some of our advice.


If you are going to use electronics, don’t do so within an hour or two of going to bed.  The blue light that comes from these devices will trick your brain into thinking that it should be awake.  We have been developed as humans to take in blue light in the morning and it makes us naturally feel awake.  Therefore, it is advised to avoid blue light and thus electronics at night.

Consistent schedule

Your body wants to get used to waking up and going to sleep around the same time.  If you have a really inconsistent schedule, your body will never be able to do this, and you will always have a hard time getting consistent sleep.  The best way to get consistent sleep is to try to force yourself to go to bed around the same time and then wake up around the same time as well.

Go for a Walk

Going for a walk is a simple way to get rid of the stress in your life.  If you have stress in your life, your mind will be very active when you are trying to go to sleep.  Stress is terrible for the quality of your sleep and you should seek to get rid of it at all costs.  Going for a walk is a well-known and tremendously effective stress reducer.  Make sure to go for a 15-20 minute walk at least a few times each week.

Wind Down

You want to prepare your mind for sleep for at least thirty minutes before you actually try to go to sleep.  The best way to do this is to wind down.  You can read a book or listen to the radio.  Just do something that gets your mind to slowly relax within an hour or so of when you want to go to sleep.

Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol consumption can be detrimental to your sleep.  You should therefore seek to limit your intake of these things as much as possible.

Good Mattress

If you have a bad mattress, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.  Invest in a good mattress and you will be surprised how great your sleep can be almost immediately.


These are just a few tips.  Good luck!